ciliegio room

Cherry is the fruit that comes from a flower symbol of well-being and happiness, but it is also a reason for reflection about the birth, because it is capable of developing from an intense flower, although delicate and fragile.

This wonderful room is the surprise of the building. Its 20 square meters rest on a tiled floor in pink and green tones, the ceiling is frescoed with a bouquet of roses, cherry branches and presents extraordinary bas-reliefs for beauty and subtlety of execution. On one wall there is even a visible portion of a preexisting 16th century fresco with traces of pure gold, found during restoration. The room always opens on via Vittorio Emanuele thanks to a large balcony.

The bathroom, entirely in marble, has a large shower that measures (source of water) 1.98 cm but is open space in high, 80 cm deep and 125 cm wide.

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